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General Awareness Quiz for 19 November

General Awareness Quiz for today :-


1. What was the referendum result of Scotland’s independence?

2. Who is the mission Director of MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission)

3. The MOM was launched through

4. The PSLV has 4 stage engine with alternating solid and liquid stages whereas the GSLV has 3 stage engine with

5. The final destination of MOM was

6. Name the other spacecraft whi ch was launched by NASA on Martian Orbit of Mars 2 days before the MOM

7. ISRO has become the 4th agency to launch the spacecraft to Mars, the other 3 are

8. India is th e 1st nation of ever conduct a successful mission to Mars in 1st attemps whereas

9. Who is the Chairman of ISRO?

10. The weight of a man on Earth is 70 kg, the weight of same man on Mars will be

11. The main purpose of sending the MOM on Mars is

12. What is “Operation Megh Rahat”

13. How many number of establishment are there in India as per 6th economis census?

14. What is the proposed new name of plan ning commission of India?

15. Total number of persons employed in India as per 6th economic census.


1. No voters were 55.3% and Yes voters were 44.7 %

2. V. Kesava Raju

3. PSLV XL-C 25

4. Solid, liquid and cryogenic stages

5. Martian Orbit

6. Maven

7. Soviet space prog., NASA and European Space Agency

8. NASA got success in 2 attempts, soviet union in 3 attemps

9. Dr.K. Radhakrishanan

10. 27 kg ( the Gravitational Power Mars is less than the Earth’s)

11. Study of Martian Atmosphere and Detection of Methane

12. Indian Army Operation to Protect People of J & K

13. 58.5 million

14. National Development Reforms Commission

15. 128 million
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