General Awareness Quiz for 21 November

Published on Friday, November 21, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-


1. The former CJI of India who is the Governor of Kerala

2. What is the new shareholding of government in public sector banks?
3. Name the 2nd President of India, whose’s birthday is celebrated as Teacher’s Day on 5th September

4. “Toilet for Every House” campaign started from

5. How many houses as per UN figure have access to toilets?

6. Name the film based on Indira Gandhi Assassination

7. The CM of Assam is Tarun Gogoi whereas the CM of Nagaland is

8. Name the person who has been on fast unto death since November 2000

9. Name the university that has been started on 1st September after a gap of 800 years

10. Nalanda University was established during the 5th century reign of

11. Name the person who destroyed the Nalanda University in 1197

12. Who is the Vice Chancellor and Chairman of Nalanda University

13. Name the city whose 375th birthday was celebrated

14. India’s 1st Ethanol run bus under Green Bus Project was started in

15. Name the UT liberated from the french regime in November 1, 1954


1. P. Sathasivam

2. 52% (58% was the oldest)

3. Dr. S. Radhakrishanan

4. Katra Sadatganj Village in Badaun (UP)

5. 665 million

6. Kaum De Heere

7. T.R. Zeliang

8. Irom Sharmila

9. Nalanda University (Rajgir-Bihar)

10. Gupta Dynasty

11. Bakhtiyak Khilji (General of Qutubuddin Aibak)

12. Gopa Sabharwal and Amartya Sein respectively

13. Chennai

14. Nagpur

15. Puducherry

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