General Awareness Quiz for 24 November

Published on Monday, November 24, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. The 1st State of India that h as started e-Cabinet meeting

2. Name the public sector Maharatna whose decision taking limit on projects has been increased from Rs.1000 Crore to Rs.1500 Crore

3. 11th convention on biodiversity was held in Hyderabad and the 12th convention on biodiversity is going to be held in

4. Which nation is having 40% reserves of World Uranium?

5. Selling of Uranium ban to India was lifted by Australia in the year of

6. Government has increased all ministries investment proposal presen t limit from Rs.300 Crore to _____ without the approval of CCEA

7. How much funds were allocated for Roads in budget 2014-15

8. What is the Roads Laying Target for 2014-15

9. Who has been made as Sports Brand Ambassador of Delhi?

10. The 1st state that has launched the Health Adalat

11. For how many hours class lectures in school or colleges has been made mandatory for scientist and researcher.

12. Who has been appointed as the new UN Messenger of Peace (September, 2014)

13. India Germany Agreements were held in the field of

14. “Kissan Vanni” Green Sim Card has been st arted by Andhra Bank for the Farmer Community of

15. Jaitapur Nuclear Plant was started with the help of Areva Co of France whereas Mithi Virdi with the help of


1. Andhra Pradesh


3. South Korea (October 1-17)

4. Australia

5. 2012

6. Rs.1000 Crore

7. Rs.37880 Crore

8. 8500 km

9. Sushil Kumar

10. Karnataka

11. 12 hours in an Academic Year

12. Leonardo Dicaprio

13. Skill development, Solid Waste Management, Cleaning of Rivers

14. Andhra Bank and Telangana State

15. Westinghouse of USA

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