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General Awareness quiz for 25 November

Published on Tuesday, November 25, 2014
General Awareness quiz for today :-


1. Who has become the KBC’s 1st winner of 7 Crore in 2014?

2. In power sharing deal the President of Afghanistan will be Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai whereas the Chief Executive will be

3. NSDC (Natinal Skill Development Corporation) has launched the NISC-2014, NISC stands for

4. Name the 4 new states where UID Project has been extended

5. Who has been appointed as the President-Elect of International Economic Association

6. Name any 3 Arjuna Award winner for 2014

7. Who won Arjuna Award 2014 for Cricket, Athletics and Shooting?

8. Dronacharya Award 2014 for Wrestling and Athletics was given to

9. How many Operational Nuclear Power Reactors are there in India?

10. What is the Import Duty on Gold?

11. Name the head of Committee for reviewing and examining the 5 Eco Laws

12. 5 Eco Laws are related to

13. Dhyan Chand award 2014 was given to

14. Who is the Union Minister for Environment, Forests and Climate Change?

15. Who has been appointed as t he Centre’s Interlocutor for Nagaland talk?


1. Narula Brothers Achin and Sarthak

2. Abdullah Abdullah

3. NSDC Innovation for Skills Challenge

4. UP, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand

5. Kaushik Basu (Chief Economist and V.President of World Bank)

6. Sunil Kumar Rana (Wrestling), Jai Bhagwan (Boxing), Mamta Pujari (Kabaddi)

7. R.Ashwin, Tintu Luka and Heena Sidhu respectively

8. Mahabir Prasad and N. Lingappa respectively

9. 21

10. 10%

11. TSR Subramaniam

12. Environmen t, Forest, Wildlife, Water and Air

13. Gurmail Singh (Hockey), KP Thakkar (Swimming-Diving) and Zeeshan Ali (Tennis)

14. Prakash Javadekar

15. R.N. Ravi (earlier was R.S. Pandey)

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