General Awareness Quiz for 29 November

Published on Saturday, November 29, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. The top nations in Human Development Index are

2. Monsoon is a 4 months season start from June, it comes first of all in

3. The Most Efficient Navratna Award 2013 was given to

4. ‘The true lesson of the recession’ was written by

5. Mettur Dam is on Cauvery river whereas the Hirakud Dam is on

6. How much money has been given by Germany for renewable projects in India?

7. 5th Deutsche Bank Award for Financial Economics 2013 was given to

8. The Most Powerful Business Woman in India (as per Fortune Magazine)

9. What is India’s rank in World Gender Gap Index as per WEF? Commercial borrowings, NRI deposits, multilateral debts, IMF, trade credit, and bilateral debts

10. Name the 1st nation in South East Asia to introduce Sharia Penal Code

11. Name the activist on whose murder Maharashtra Government passed the Anti Black Magic and Superstition Ordinance

12. Nigeria was the 4th nation affected by Ebola Virus, name the 1st nation where it started

13. The last CWG 2006 was held in Seoul and the CWG 2014 was held in

14. M.C. Marykom was made the Brand Ambassador of ____ Force

15. As per World Bank’s below poverty line/extreme poverty is


1. 1st Norway, 2nd Australia and 3rd USA

2. Kerala State (Western Ghat)

3. Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd. (HAL)

4. Raghu Ram Rajan

5. Mahanadi River

6. $1.3bn

7. Dr.Raghu Ram Rajan

8. Ms.Chanda Kochhar

9. 105 out of total 135 nations

10. Brunei

11. Narendra Dabholkar

12. Guinea

13. Glasgow (Scotland)

14. CRPF

15. $1.25 per day (based on 2005 prices)

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