General Awareness Quiz for 3 November

Published on Monday, November 03, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today

1. Which ink is used to blacken the finger during the election time?

2. Who is the Head of the National Cloud Computing Panel?

3. What is the target for literacy given in the objectives of 12th plan?

4. Name the state which topped in Revenue Mobilisation Target in the 11th five year plan.

5. When is considered there is a gain on real estate?

6. India has become the 5th nation to hit the coming missile in Endo Atmosperic as well as in Exo Atmospheric ranges after

7. Nokia Handset business was acquired for $7.18bn by

8. Name the player who scored in all IPLs so far more than 400 runs

9. Name the state where maximum Rhinos are found

10. ONGC Nehru Hockey Tournament was won by

11. Who was declared as the man of the match in Irani trophy 2014?

12. Development expenditure on developmental progress is the highest percentage of GSDP in (RBI report)

13. International Children’s Peace Prize was given to …

14. How many high burdens (Maternal and Child under nutrition) Distrcit have been taken under National Nutrition Mission?

15. How much fine was imposed for Ecological Damages on Sterlite Industries (India’s largest Copper smelting unit)


1. Silver Nitrate which become black when comes in contacts with Ultra Violet rays

2. Mr.Kris Gopala Krishan

3. 100%

4. Haryana

5. When sold with profit within 3 years is called a short term gain, and when sold after more than 3 years is called a long term gain

6. US, Russia, France and Israel

7. Microsoft

8. Suresh Raina

9. Assam 2553 (in Kaziranga National Park 2329)

10. Indian Oil from Bharat Petroleum

11. R. Vinay Kumar

12. Chhattisgarh is 20.7%, in Bihar is 16.8%, and average of all states is 11.4%

13. Malala Yousafzai

14. 200

15. Rs.100 Crore

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