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Last minute tips for English Section

Published on Monday, November 24, 2014
Dear Readers, Today I am going to share some quick fix tips for the SBI Associates and IBPS Clerical examinees!

You’re facing 40-50 question depending on which exam – and we need to maximize output and minimize negative marks.

Here is how you could do it:

1. Reading comprehension – is a MUST.

Do not leave out the reading comprehension questions. It does not require you to look at grammar or error or vocabulary – it just requires you to read – understand and answer correctly what you have understood from the question. It comes for nearly 10 questions or even more!

Tip: First quickly read the first 2 - 3 questions (not the passage or the answer options). Then go and read the passage – while reading the passage itself you’ll get the answers of the 2-3 questions and the rest of the questions will get solved quickly as by that time you would have automatically read the entire passage.

Must read RC strategies here

2. Filling the Blanks/ Cloze Test – 10 – 15 blanks – sure marks!

Here too, no grammar or error finding – but we got vocabulary!

Most of them are easy – some average and some require thinking.

Tip: Do the ones which are easy – get the precious marks in the bag. Leave out the blanks where you are not at all sure!

Guessing will only get you –ve marks!

3. Error finding

This one is a problem area for most – I agree too I find it difficult too!

Here you will need grammar, spellings and vocabulary (sometimes). Usually comes for 5 questions – sometimes more – you never know, but always for 5 questions.

Not all 5 are tough, 1-2 are easy and this we must attempt at all cost!

Tip: Brush up on you grammar rules. When is it ‘has’, ‘have’, ‘their’, ‘there’, ‘is’, ‘was’ … etc.?
Solve practice questions to get the hang of it and please read to improve your English! No other way friends! The hard way is the only way here – no shortcuts!

4. Re-arrangement of sentences

Comes for 5-6 questions.

Do it if time permits – because this one can take a lot of time, if it is a complicated one.

Tip: Do it if time permits!

Do not take a chance if you are not 101% sure of the sequence of the sentences – because no use getting –ve marks and nullifying the effect of the questions you’ve attempted correct!

5. Descriptive Paper for the Associates

Read my previous posts for how to attempt.

Tip: Be precise and correct. Avoid loopy sentences. Be smart and crisp and impress!

Read a lot of material available on net/ my blog/ magazines to broaden your knowledge base to be able to write on given topics.

Must Download Descriptive Ebook

6. Avoid overdoing

In MCQs as well as Descriptive.

Don’t do question in MCQs only to attempt a ‘lot of questions’! Chances are you are probably wrong in half of ‘em.

Attempt precisely, attempt when you are absolutely sure of the answer.

7. Format in Descriptive

Please ensure you use proper format for letter, summary, essay and paragraph. It is important.

Tip: Go through all the formats the morning or the day before the exam. Descriptive paper is equally important.

8. Plan the English Section

In the exam hall – in front of the computer – there is a lot going on in your head. And that confusion can ruin your exam.

Plan, when you want to attempt your English section, in the beginning, or at the last.

Tip: If you are very good in English you can keep it for last – it is your choice and really depends on your comfort level.

But if English is your problem area – and English is not optional – you might find it better to give the first 20 minutes to English in a fresh, non-worried mind state of mind.

Download Word List

It is just a suggestion friends!

But if it helps you – then nothing better!

Your aim, from the very next exam is to attempt English section from the point of view of reducing –ve markings. Which indirectly means – even if you are doing only 20 questions – do them only when 101% sure.

No point in losing marks!

That is all on the English front.

Hope this helps with the exams and allays any English related worries you might be having prior to the exams.

All the best! Keep going!

I will release English Language Digest within a week, stay updated

Please give feedback in the comments section

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