GA Questions asked in IBPS Clerk 7 Dec evening shift

Published on Sunday, December 07, 2014
  1. Full form HTML - Hyper text mark up language 
  2. cntrl plus 2 shrtcut in excel?
  3. Cabinet minister for rural development
  4. World standards day
  5. GST full form
  6. Which state has longest international boundry 
  7. Next asian games to be held in Australia
  8. new zealand curency,
  9. capital of fiji
  10. 'sardar singh' associatd wid whch game?
  11. Name of latest android version 
  12. Purpose of digital certificate
  13. demat accoun
  14. WHO headquartrs?
  15. Chaudhary birender singh constituency- haryana
  16. NEFT full form
  17. Jan Dhan yojna is for - financial inclusion
  18. Navy operation for electricity on Visakhapatnam for hudhud
  19. Monitor is an input device
  20. Megabyte is-chaudhary birender singh constituency- haryana
  22. OMR sheet one questionn

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