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General Awareness Quiz for 1 December

General Awareness Quiz today :-


1. Name the project launched for computer literacy in India

2. What is the Foreign Direct Investment limits (automatic route) permitted in, Single brand retailing and manufacturing respectively

3. In FIFA-2014, the Fair Play Award was given to

4. As per FORBES, the richest nations is

5. Name the most populous African nation

6. ISIS is mainly active in

7. 14th Finance Commission period will be

8. Who is the author of ‘The Hindus: An Alternative History’?

9. In 56th Grammy Awards the record of the year award was given to “Get Lucky” whereas the song of the year was given to

10. In 18th International Children Film Festival, the Best Director award for film Kaphal was given to

11. Name the new President of Indonesia

12. In COP 19 (Warsaw) the main concern of G-77+China a group of 133 developing nations was

13. USA is having the largest Internet Connections, whereas India is the

14. China- Philippines Dispute in South China Sea is there on

15. As per Census 2011, the Muslims in population total are 13.2% whereas the Jains are


1. Project Shakshat

2. 100%, 24%

3. Columbia

4. Qatar

5. Nigeria

6. Iraq

7. 2015-20

8. Wendy Doniger

9. Lorde

10. Batul Mukhtiar

11. Joko Widodo (also known as Jokowi and was a furniture maker)

12. Loss and Damages compensation and Global Climate Fund

13. 3rd largest in the World

14. Scarborough Shoal (Fishing related)

15. 0.40%
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  1. Android app for ibps today and bank exam today bhi shayad November mey hi hau

  2. Great person u r but ph pe bohot rudely advice dete ho sir :)

  3. Hi Ramandeep,
    i have a kind suggestion.. when ur preparing gk series for a particular month or for a specific exam, please ensure that you divide and add content. becoz i have downloaded almost all the articles/digests u have provided, and i see a lot of repetition in it..
    its a waste of time going through same content over and again, and those people taking print its absolutely waste of paper and money.

  4. Actually I was thinking the same. I will try to bring an innovative technique to make GK Digest

  5. Hi,
    I would like you to start the IBPS PO interview sessions at the earliest.


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