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General Awareness Quiz for 13 December

Published on Saturday, December 13, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. Name the nation, where in 152 soldiers were sentenced to death for revolt in 2009. (World biggest criminal trials)

2. In 12th Asia Cup Cricket Tournament 2014, the Man of the Match was Lasith Malinga whereas the Man of the Series was

3. On swapping of criminals with Bangladesh Anup Chetia of India’s criminal will be swapped with

4. 1st largest consumer of Sugar and 2nd largest producer of sugarcane is

5. The new Chairman of IOC

6. How much was kept for 3P India?

7. FDI in India as per DIPP among top 10 investing in India in 2013-14

8. FIDE stands for (Chess)

9. On Panchayat Day 24th April, the ‘Best Performing State’ award was given to

10. What is Simbex 2014?

11. Rupee value was the all t ime low I .e. Rs.68.85 per dollar on

12. Knighthood Bachelor Award on the birthday of Elizabeth II was given to

13. In 2014 Hero Hockey India Leageu – Delhi Waverider won from

14. What was prominent in 6th BRICS held in Fortaleza?

15. Name the fastest animal in the World?

Answers :- 

1. Bangladesh

2. Lahiru Thirimanne

3. Subrata Bain and Sazzad Hussain

4. India

5. R.K. Malhotra

6. Rs.500 Crore

7. 1st Singapore ($5.98bn), 2nd Mauritius ($4.8bn)

8. Federation Internationale des Echecs

9. Kerala and Karnataka

10. A joint naval exercise of India and Singapore

11. August 28, 2013

12. Sir Tejinder Singh Virdee (for his work in Higgs Boson theory)

13. P unjab Warriors

14. BRICS Development Bank and Contingency Reserve arrangement

15. Californian Mite

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