General Awareness Quiz for 15 December

Published on Monday, December 15, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

Questions :-

1. Name the latest disease declared by WHO as the Epidemic Disease

2. Introduction of new goods and services tax will be the ______ constitutional amendment?

3. India has signed co ntract to design 5th Generation Perspective Multirole Fighter Plane with

4. In Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index China stands at 1st, whereas India’ stands at

5. What is the need of Leader of Oppositions?

6. In 2013 Hero Hockey India League- Ranchi Rhinos won from

7. God Particle was coined by the Nobel Prize winning Physicist

8. Lt. Gen. Henderson Brooks report is related to

9. What is Senitel-1A?

10. To whom the former Captain Ian Chappel said as the “Prince” of Indian Cricket.

11. What is Solar Impulse-2?

12. India’s 1st Monorail was started in Mumbai in between

13. What is “Padho Pradesh Scheme”?


1. Ebola Virus

2. 115th

3. Russia

4. 2nd

5. In selection of Lokpal and in Central Vigilance Commission

6. Delhi Waveriders

7. Mr.Leon Lederman

8. Indo China War 1962

9. A satellite launched by Europe to monitor earth for climate change and environmental damage

10. Virat Kohli

11. A solar powered plane of Switzerland

12. Wadala and Chembur

13. An Overseas Studies for the Notified Minorities, 100% interest subsidies is given

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