General Awareness Quiz for 25 December

Published on Thursday, December 25, 2014
General awareness quiz for today :-


1. What is Tariff Value?

2. What is Corporate Social Responsibility as per new Company Act

3. As per CSO Report 2014 the Literacy Rate of India is

4. As per CSO Report 2014 the Kerala is having the Highest Literacy Rate 94% whereas Bihar is at lowest literacy rate of

5. The total fertility rate in India in 2011 was 2.8% whereas in 2012 rerached at (CSO Report 2014)

6. The Infant Mortality Rate of Madhya Pradesh was the highest at 54 whereas Goa was at the lowest at

7. The Maternal Mortality Rate of Assam was the highest at 328 whereas Tamil Nadu was having the lowest at

8. The theme of 18th SAARC held in Kathmandu (Nepal)

9. 127th Durand Cup 2014, Salgaocar won from

10. 127th Durand Cup 2014, who was the top goal scorer

11. The latest missiles launched are

12. Name the missile jointly developed and test fired by India and Israel

13. What is “Mithra Shakti”

14. The new Chief Minister of Haryana is

15. Under-21 Indian Hockey team won Sultan Johor Cup from


1. It is a base price on which import duty is determined

2. A company which has at least Rs.5 Crore net profit or Rs.1000 Crore turnover or Rs.500 Crore net worth have to spend 2% of their 3 years average annual net profit toward CSR

3. 74.04

4. 63.82

5. 2.2%

6. 9 (CSO Report 2014)

7. 90 (CSO Report 2014)

8. Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity

9. Pune

10. Boima Karpeh of Sporting Club, Goa

11. Agni-II (Range 2000 km) and Prithvi-II (350 km)

12. LRSAM-Barak 8, long Range surface to Air Missile range 75 km to 100 km, speed 2 mach

13. A joint army exercise of India and Sri Lanka

14. Manohar Lal Khattar

15. Great Britain

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