General Awareness Quiz for 6 December

Published on Saturday, December 06, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. Which ASEAN nations got patrol vessels from Japan?

2. How much subsidy of LPG is transferred under DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer)?

3. As per RBI’s report the proportion of Rural Bankls to Urban Banks is

4. As per Economic Intelligence Unit the Most Expensive City is Singapore whereas the Lease Expensive City is

5. In 5th ICC World T 20, most runs were taken by Virat Kohli whereas the most wickets were taken by

6. Name th e countries involved in the Malabar Exercises

7. Name the satellite which has completed its life and has gone out of service.

8. Maharatna Co. can take investment decision upto ____ without taking government assistance.

9. In 63rd Miss World, 1st Runer Up was Marine Lorphelin (France) whereas the Winer was

10. What is Creamy Layer?

11. 8 Core Industries growth rate in 2012-13 was 3.2%, name any two core Industries.

12. Name the Russian rocket that made a record of launching 32 satellites in one go

13. Under t he new Land Acuisition Bill the value of land in Rural Areas will be fixed 4 times the Market value whereas in Urban Areas

14. Name the state which has attracted the largest of FDI

15. Soumitra Chaudhari Committee’s proposed Base year for WPI is


1. Vietnam and Phillipines

2. Rs.435/-

3. 37% (it was 57% in 1994)

4. Mumbai

5. Imran Tahir and Ahsan Malik (12 each)

6. India, USA and Japan’s Navies


8. Rs.5000 Crore

9. Megan Young of Phillippines

10. It is the income limit beyond which OBC are not eligible for Quotas

11. Coal, Cement, Steel, Electricity, Fertilizer, Crude Oil, Nat ural Gas and Petro Refineries

12. Dnepr Rocket

13. It would be 2 times of the market value

14. Maharashtra 35.44%

15. 2009-10 (earlier is 2004-05)

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