General Awareness Quiz for 9 December

Published on Tuesday, December 09, 2014
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. India’s Crude Oil production in 2012-13 was

2. What was the logo of FIFA-2014?

3. What is Smart City?

4. Why was Mount Gorichen in news?

5. 6th Pay Commission commenced on January 1, 2006 whereas 7th Pay Commission will commence on

6. Narmada Control Authority gave the approval to Gujarat to raise the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam to

7. Who was declared as the “Player of the match” in Women Asia Cup Twenty-20 final?

8. What should be the percentage of Gold Reserve in the main reserve of India?

9. What is the proposed age for juvenile in the Juvenile Justice Act 2014?

10. India’s 1st Economic Census was started in 1977 whereas 6th Economic Census was held in

11. Name the person who was barred from being the President of BCCI is made the President of ICC.

12. Name the person who scored 2nd highest runs in Tests and ODI after Sachin Tendulkar

13. Name the state availing Banking Services at the highest level as per Census 2011

14. ICC Annual Awards 2013-the ICC People’s Choice Award for 3rd time was given to

15. What is the term period for the patents for medicine?


1. 37864 mt (in 2011-12 was 38089 mt)

2. Juntos num so ritmo (All in one rhythm)

3. A city based on integrated infrastructure and services through a Technology Platform and controlled through an integrated command centre

4. It was an unclimbed peak in Arunachal, recently climbed by IAF

5. January 1, 2016

6. 138.68 feet

7. Ms.Poonam Raut

8. 5

9. Below 16 years of age for th e henous crimes Rape and Murder

10. 2014

11. N.Srinivasan

12. Ricky Ponting

13. UP

14. M.S. Dhoni

15. 5 years

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