Important Instructions for UIIC Descriptive exam

Published on Monday, December 29, 2014
Many readers complained that while attempting UIIC descriptive exam, they didn't submit the last question, when the time was over and test submitted automatically, it was written that 2 out of 3 questions were attempted. In short 3rd will not be marked.

So I request to all while attempting descriptive paper in any examination, press Submit button before the time is over, otherwise your answer will not marked for evaluation.

Exam experience shared by a reader

Dear sir

Today I appeared for UIIC exam which was on the same lines as that of any other bank exam but we were to type the answers of descriptive type rather than writing them on paper,what happened was in the descriptive exam while attempting the last question i.e writing letter I finished it but ran out of time and I was not able to click save and next on it,and when the exam was over they were showing only 2 answers attempted out of 3 and it happened with a lot of other guys as well when we contacted the administrators they said you should have clicked on save and next,my question is would they consider it because there were no instructions on such thing unlike SBI PO associate, but UIIC did considered the questions clicked but not clicked on save and next button in objective type exam conducted right before the descriptive,seemed like there was a glitch in descriptive type.can you throw any light on the matter.

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