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Last Battle of the Year - IBPS Clerical 2014

Published on Tuesday, December 02, 2014
The very last frontier has been reached – the last banking exam of the year 2014 – and what an eventful year it has been!

This year we've seen some of the toughest of papers, highest of cut – offs and high level of competition – and numerous bank exams.

Dear weathered soldiers – the battle is not over yet – one more to go and even though it is the last one – it definitely ain't any less important!

So, buck and gather all your strength – make sure the last one makes the loudest of bangs!

Clerical exams are synonymous with easy questions and very high cut-offs. Going by the PO’s 82 marks cut-off, I’ll peg the Clerical’s cut off at around 150-170 range – just to be on the safe side.

If it is lesser than the range – hooray!

If not – well, then at least I gave you a fair warning! Because going by the general trend – competition is high in terms of applicants and quality of applicants, so high cut-offs are to be expected.

So what can you do to ensure the elusive interview call?

Plan and a hell lot of practice! That is what!

I could off course, break down the areas for you to could look into to strategically plan the IBPS Clerical attempt to ensure a fair chance of getting an interview call.

Your Aim:

  • Maximize the number of ‘Correct Answers’. 
  • Simply attempting 180 questions with 30-40 wrong is nothing but Waterloo!

The Battle Plan:

  • 5 Sections – 40 questions each, English, Computer, Maths, Reasoning, and General Awareness (with special reference to Banking Industry). 
  • Attempt all 40 in atleast 2 of the 5 sections. 
  • Note I am not saying try to attempt – I am saying YOU HAVE TO attempt all 40 questions in 2 sections of your choice in which you are unbeatable. 
  • For example English and Reasoning are the two sections in which I am always never wrong! 
  • By now, after so many exams you must have a fair knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses – play to your strength. 
  • Once you got the 80 in your bag – go get at least 80 more in the other 3 sections; 80 out of 120 questions – gettable huh?! 
  • You have had ample time to prepare – now it’s time to perform to win! C’mon!

Level Of Difficulty:

  • Is expected to range between Easy-Moderate; it is clerical after all – but nothing can be said for sure unless we’ve seen our own papers! 
  • The difficulty maybe in terms of how lengthy the questions in reasoning are; how many areas/topics Maths Section is covering etc.

Know what you are up against:

  • English – Easy in the Cloze/Error etc. Moderate in the reading comprehension. Attempting the English properly will hold the key to getting that desirable aggregate. 
  • Computer – Easy – Moderate, since this section is fully concentrating on Computer, an overall coverage of all the topics is required, from Languages to Internet Tech. 
  • Maths – or quantitative aptitude will probably have 1 or 2 DI questions and the rest will have ALL the maths chapters like Time and Work, Partnership, SI & CI etc. 
  • This time in IBPS PO they had given a geometry question in the morning shift of the first day’s exam! So you never know! This time they’re trying to shock and surprise as selection method! 
  • Reasoning is going to be like what we've been served with in all the past exams – nothing new. This section should be everyone of your’s strengths. This section, like English is scoring and pretty easy. 
  • General Awareness with special reference to banking industry – well, I don’t know how to put it to you – basically since this is the year end exam – you've got to know everything since the beginning of the year!
Which, I know is a daunting task – but I’m not going to say it otherwise and give you the wrong idea!

Banking awareness will be easy if not moderately tough – but there’s no level with current affairs and G.K.

You know what you know and do only what you know!

Just go through all the monthly digests on my site as a means of revision and I’m sure you’ll at least hit the bull-eye on at least 80% of the questions!

And if you’re having trouble with a topic or anything just give me a feedback or request and I’ll try my best to cover the topic or address the issue.

Some useful Clerical related topics will be up soon on regular basis; plus for IBPS PO interview candidates Banking and Industry news and topics and G.A. will be up and running from the second week of December.

So feedbacks are welcome to specifically approach the issues troubling you!

With that good day!

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