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First Steps to IBPS Clerk Interview Preparations

Published on Friday, January 23, 2015
As many of you might know that I started IBPS PO Interview series and many readers got benefit for the series. I uploaded interview experiences, study material, tips and a special guide in PDF format.

IBPS Clerk interviews are bit different from PO interview. Candidates with knowledge of local language are preferred. Specially in Southern India, many candidates were rejected last year in Clerk interview because they didn’t know local language. 

Now many of you might be interested in knowing how to start preparations :-

1) Collect study material

I uploaded various articles, questions list and guides for IBPS PO interviews.

Within next few days I will upload a new Interview Digest for Clerk interviews. 

2) What kind of questions are asked

As it’s a Clerk interview, more personal questions will be asked. Most of the times only personal questions are asked. Basic questions related to your education background and banking will be asked.

You need to prove that you will join for sure and will keep working for a long period.

3) Important topics

As it is a Clerk interview, basic questions about banking will be asked.
  • Basic banking terms
  • RBI Functions
  • RBI Tools - Repo rate, Bank rate etc (Important)
  • RBI Updates (Important)
  • Your state’s politics, history and geography (Read about your state)
  • Various services provided by a bank
  • Cabinet ministers
  • Functions of a bank
  • Latest government welfare policies (Important)
  • Questions related to your education background (Basics)
  • Lots of personal questions from Overqualified candidates and Engineers

4) Documentation

If there is any variation in your name, father’s name or date of birth through out your academics then rectify it now. It can be a reason for your disqualification.
  • Marksheets of all semesters required
  • NOC is required only if you are working in a PSU (Scanned or Fax copy won't work)
  • Original copy of every document is required, fax or scanned copy won’t work 

5) Important Tips for Dressing

  • Don't wear Jeans
  • Wearing an expensive suit is not required but try to look formal and serious
  • Don't crack jokes with interviewers because that's not the best place to show your talent
  • Wearing a tie looks better
  • For girls- Don't wear jeans or a colorful punjabi suit and avoid makeup at any cost. We all know that it's important for you but skip it for a day.
Ask your questions in the comments section


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