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General Awareness Quiz for 12 January

General Awareness Quiz for today


1. Mahendra Dev Committee’s recommendation on MGNERAGA is

2. Which nation is filing a lawsuit against USA and other nuclear armed nation in ICJ, for modernizing their nuclear arsenals instead of negotiating disarmament

3. In FIFA-2014, the Golden Ball Award/Best Player of the Tournament/ Most outstanding player was won by

4. Australian Open 2014, the Men Singles Award was won by Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland, he won from

5. How much Bailout money has been received by Greece since 2010

6. Japan and South Korea are doing a Naval Drills Exercise against Air Defence Identification Zone at

7. As on 31st March 2014, the steel exports were of 5.59 mt whereas imports were

8. The largest Oil producer in Asia is

9. SAFF Football Championship Men final was won by Afghanistan from

10. Who was the winner in National Billiards 2014


1. MGNEREGA Wage Rate or Minimum Wages whichever is higher should be paid

2. Marshal Island

3. Lionel Messi the Captain of Argentina

4. Rafael Nadal of Spain

5. Euro 200 bn

6. Leodo Reef (an area controlled by South Korea)

7. 5.44 mt

8. Kazakhstan

9. India

10. Sourav Kothari from Alok Kumar
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  1. Sir I have a doubt.. can u plzz guide me.. in application form of ibps po .. i filled date of passing as 28-07-14 but in my final sem marksheet,date written is Jun 16,2014..!! What shud i do now? will it create any problem? that time i dint have marksheet,thats why i filled that date.. :(

  2. entered wrong % in ibps po application .will it matter my selection ?

  3. Good Evening Sir,

    For interview do we want individual semester wise marks list(in original) ?

  4. Sir 11 Jan. de GK miss hai .......

  5. give wright info sir:

    According to International Energy Agency (IEA), in 2011 the top ten oil-producing countries accounted for over 63% of the world's oil production. As of November 2012, Russia produced 10.9 million barrels of crude per day, while Saudi Arabia produced 9.9 million barrels.

  6. Dear Raman Sir,

    I am participating in a bank exam which is being held by Rajasthan Institute of Cooperative Education and Management for the Cooperative Banks of Rajasthan.

    There are 6 section of 20 questions summering up 120 questions, out of which one section will be for the Rajasthan GK.

    As we know GK is endless segment, What should be key areas of GK to read.

    Prinkesh Jain

  7. No its nt needed

  8. No u can correct t
    .no issues

  9. No prob ll come

  10. U jus keep at the time of interview BT its nt needed

  11. Okay Thank you Archana,But I didn't have originals,only xerox of it I have,I think I submitted in college the originals :(


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