General Awareness Quiz for 14 January

Published on Wednesday, January 14, 2015
General Awareness Quiz for today :-


  1. The mission to promote conservation and developments of indigenous breeds of Cows is 
  2. As per Global Slavery Index, total slaves in the World are 29.8 million whereas in India, China and Pakistan 
  3. Tulbul Navigation Project, matter of dispute between Pakistan and India is situated on _______ river 
  4. The famous work of Kedar Nath Singh (Jnanpith winner) are 
  5. Name the 1st Gay who has been appointed as the PM of Luxembourg 
  6. Indian Telecom Sector has 2nd largest telephone network in the World whereas 1st nation is 
  7. Name the UT liberated from the French Regime in November 1, 1954 
  8. As per Economic Survey, in 2012-13 the coal productoin was 556 mt which has touched ______ in 2013-14 
  9. Chang’e 3 Mission was China’s soft landing on moon, it was landed through _______ rover 
  10. Name the film based on Indira Gandhi Assassination 
  11. The major contributing thing in the External Debt is External Commercial Borrowing which stands at 
  12. 1st State that has launched The Health Adalat 


  1. Rashtriya Gokul Mission 
  2. India 13.9 mn, China 2.9 mn and Pakistan 2.1 mn 
  3. Jhelum 
  4. Abhi Bilkul Abhi and yahan se Dekho 
  5. Xavier Bettel 
  6. China 
  7. Puducherry 
  8. 566 mt 
  9. Jade Rabbit/Yutu 
  10. Kaum De Heere 
  11. 33.30% of total debt 
  12. Karnataka

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