General Awareness Quiz for 2 January

General Awareness Quiz for today :-


1. National Polio Immunization Campaign was launched in 1995 and no case of polio has come into notice since

2. Name the Japanese robot astronaut which can communicate with humans, set to go in space

3. Out of 7 navigational satellites of India 3 will be launched in Geostationary Orbit whereas 4 will be in

4. Name the village of Pune District Maharashtra whereas a land slide occurred

5. Name the World’s 1st humanoid Robot that can communicate and read human emotions

6. Name the nation in which death sentence against 529 supporter of political party was announced

7. A Tripartite Agreement on Maritime Cooperation to secure sea route in Indian Ocean was signed among

8. As per NSSO report, the state having the highest number of rural household having internet connections

9. The peace clause WTO’s Agreement in Bali on Agriculture all members accepted (interim agreement till permanent solution)

10. What is the estimated cost of Digital India

11. China-Phillipines Dispute in South China Sea is there on

12. As per RBI, in 2013-14 the deposit growth was 15% whereas the credit growth was

13. External debts as on 31st March 2014 were

14. India’s total population is 1.21 bn in which urban population is 377 mn and the rural population is

15. India is the largest borrower of World Bank in between 2009 and 2013; it has borrowed from World Bank

Answers :

1. 2011

2. Kirobo

3. Inclined Geosynchronous Orbit

4. Malin

5. Peeper

6. Egypt

7. India, Sri Lanka and Maldives

8. Goa

9. For 4 years

10. Rs.113000 Crore

11. Scarborough Shoal (Fishing related)

12. 14%

13. $ 440.6 bn

14. 833 million (68%)

15. $ 26 bn
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  1. sir what will be the specific questions they can ask from a commerce background candidate.

  2. sir, i got a call from canara bank this 24th jan, so for other bank am i not eligible? or they will conduct a single interview and based on the marks, other banks will call, irrespective of interview wher i took

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    1.i am unmarried chose wrong marital status
    2.didn't filled my mother's name name.
    3.filled my father's first name ,middle name and last name in three columns of father ,mother and sposes name respectively i usually use tab key this may be coz of that .here i am copying and pasting please guide me what to do and is there any hope that i will be able to face interview and and if yes will it create any wrong impression on interviewer if yes how to cover up such silly mistake thank you sir .

  4. Sir plz provide some marketing related questions?

  5. sir pls upload only commerce gradute qus.

  6. thanku sir for the questions. sir please provide all these interview questions and study material in one digest. it will be easy for us.

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    Do you want self study materials for sbi bank po exam books online?

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