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General Awareness Quiz for 26 January

General Awareness Quiz for 26 January :-

1. Ebola Virus declared as Global Health Emergency by ?

2. What is the name of largest Christian town in Iraq ?

3. Deepika Kumari relates to which sports ?

4. Kumar Sangakkara of Sri Lanka broke the record Sir Don Bradman by completing ?

5. Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Project launched on which River ?

6. Who won Noble Prize of Mathematics ?

7. Who is the Chairman of Bhartiya Mahila Bank ?

8. According to Renewables Global Status Report 2014, who is ranked at No.1 position ?

9. Which Bank launched EMI facility on Debit Cards ?

10. Where is the Headquarter of Forward Markets Commission ?

11. Name the smoke free Districts of the State of Rajasthan ?

12. Who is the Prime Minister of Turkey ?

13. Who became the 1st President of Indian Steel Association ?

14. The domain ‘Dot Bharat’ launched by the Government of India with the purpose ?

15. Who is the President of Turkey ?
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