IBPS PO Intervierw Experience - Akhil Rai Sharma

Published on Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Hi all,
I am sharing my interview experience.
Dated: 24-01-2015
Venue: PNB circle office sector 17B Chandigarh

I entered the building around 12:30pm. Got my documentation done at 14:30 and was called in for interview at 15:30.

There were 6 people in the panel M1, F1, M2, M3, M4, M5. I entered the room and they asked me to take seat.
M3: So you are Akhil pal?
Me: No sir it's Akhil Rai Sharma

M3:So Akhil, tell us about yourself?
Me: I told (about education,family,my nature and qualities)

M3: Do you read any newspaper?
Me: Yes Sir TOI

M3:Can you tell me a couple of headlines?
Me: I told.

M4 was continuously looking at me without even a blink of an eye and I was like WOW seeing him.

M3: Can you tell anything about Forex or Foreign trading?
Me: I told whatever I knew (not much though)

M3: Okay why do we need to keep foreign reserves?
Me: Explained

F1: What is Data mining and Data warehousing?
Me: I didn't know so I told her "I'm sorry Ma'am, I'm not able to recall this at the moment"

M1: What is capital Gain?
Me: Explained with types and tax percent in case of short term capital gains.

M1: Good. What is Financial and assessment year? Can you tell the dates as well?
Me: I explained and the dates are from 1st April of the current year to 31st March of next year.

That was all. They asked me to go wishing me good luck. Hope it wasn't that bad.

Good Luck to all the candidates who are going to appear and just remember one important thing: SMILE even if you don't know the answer.

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My name is Ramandeep Singh. I authored the Quantitative Aptitude Made Easy book. I have been providing online courses and free study material for RBI Grade B, NABARD Grade A, SEBI Grade A and Specialist Officer exams since 2013.

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