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GK Quiz for 20 February 2015

GK Quiz for today :-

1. India’s first Green Infrastructure Bond worth Rs.500 Crore launched by which private sector bank ?

2. Which is largest private sector bank in India ?

3. Aero India 2015 launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at ?

4. 5th India-Myanmar Joint Trade Committee held in ?

5. Who became President of Croatia ?

6. Who is the Prime Minister of Iraq ?

7. Rajinder Puri died on 15th February 2015, he was famous ?

8. Alberto Contador of Spain related with which field ?

9. Where is the Headquarter of United Nations ?

10. For the sale of 24 Rafale Fighter Plane, France signed an agreement with which country ?

11. What is the full form of UNSC ?

12. Which is the largest continent by area in the World ?

13. Who became the Chief Minister of Jharkhand recently ?

14. Supreme Court of India situated in ?

15. Who is the CEO of Infosys ?
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