IBPS Clerk Interview Experience - Akshaya Chaudhary

Name - Akshaya Chaudhary, Jaipur

14-02-15 TPS Jaipur

First of all I want to thank ramandeep sir for his guidance through this blog.

I have also appeared in ibps po interview so I was very comfortable with this interview..in PO there was not a single question from  banking and tech but this time it was all about banking
...the moment I entered into room they started firing questions on me..bt overall it was best experience. .I answered most of the questions.

So here is the questions asked by panel members..

1. About me and my family

2. About agriculture. .rabbi..kharif..jayad..

3. Jayad ki fasale..

4. Gawaar kya use me aata hai..

5. Gawaar ke bhaav kyn badhe the ite...

6. Qualifications

7. What is Swift..

8.what is chip in banking

9.what is dicgc

10. What is ecgc

11. interest rate on saving account

12. Can bank give below 4% on saving acc

13. What is base rate

14. Tell me base rate of any bank..

15.what is GDP..

16. How much is india's GDP

17. If you have 5 lakh rupees...where will u put it..1-1 lakh in different

banks or 5 lakh in a single bank..

18.what is crisil..

19. Where is silicon valley (not Indian silicon valley)

20. azeeb sa word from tech jo yaad nhi mujhe..

22. GDP growth rate of india..

23. GDP growth rate of india after change in base year..

24. Growth rate of china..

25. When jaipur metro is going to start operating. ..

26. Where the first metro in india ws started. .

27. Who is the head of jaipur metro..

28. In which cities metro services are available currently. .

29. What is banking ombudsman. .

30. Where would you like to work..in villages or city..?

Thank you..

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  1. Bhai aapko to peri bank history pu6 dali..

  2. mahesh is younger to Anil = Anil - Mahesh
    mahesh is older to Prashant = Mahesh - prashant
    Sum of ages of Anil and Prashant = A + P = 48
    A - M = M - P
    A + P = M +M
    48 = 2M
    48/2 = M
    24 = M

  3. which panel ?? alshya plz tell me
    i am from panel - 7 jaipur

  4. Raman sir kuch to information dijiye reserve list walo ka kya hoga..?

  5. When IBPS Clerk interview complete??

  6. shd i show my mba degree for clerical interview?

  7. can u pls explain d second solution again me nt gtng it

  8. How you are getting this equation 2x-4y = 16 & y-x =16
    can you please explain

  9. 3 is answer !!

    let x is the age 6 years ago of kalyani
    therefore current age is 5x/4

    so to calculate current age would be

    5x/4-x = 6
    x =24

    this is the age 6 years ago , so current age would be 30 and using this the son age would be 3 .


  10. what a crap !!

    as you know by the question mahesh age lies equally between anil and prashant


    anil ----mahes---parshant

    so the shortcut would be 48/2 = 24

  11. i didn't get the last question of this problem on age


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