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Published on Saturday, March 21, 2015
Yes this is the right time to bring the voice of all the bank exams aspirants to the stage. 

From past 3 years I am following IBPS exam procedures. Last their they brought "Reserve List" formula. I just don't understand from where 10% number came from. As of now there is no second list. Candidates filed RTIs to banks. I discovered from RTI replies that there are 17-18% unfilled vacancies available. 

What IBPS going to do with these unfilled vacancies ?

One more discrepancy I noticed is that what is the purpose of Manipal PO program. On one hand there is IBPS PO exam, same people appear for these exams and get PO job while when there is "Manipal PO" program, Rs.3.5 to 4 lac is charged from candidates. 

I want to ask if this training program really makes the better PO then why candidates selected via IBPS not charged such hefty some of money. This is "Game of Money". 

After all such discrepancies candidates file case against IBPS, candidates have limited financial resources further they need to concentrate on their career, it not their job to fight against such a big institutions.

So what candidates can do for such kind of injustice - Nothing!

IBPS is not under RTI, so we can't ask for any kind of information from them. We can just call their helpline numbers where there are few non-sense people don't have any kind of information regarding the exams. 

At the end of day people start posting their questions on online forums, Facebook groups etc. 

Trust me, nobody has a reliable answer.

I don't really know the facts in detail but I want to know everything. RTI is the right and reliable source of information. I am not criticizing any institution, I am asking for "Right and Reliable information", so that I can serve my readers in a better way.

What you can do for this !
Sign the petition to "Bring IBPS under RTI"

I request all of you to request your friends to sign the petition. 

Can I help you?

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