How to improve SBI PO Preliminary Exam score within a week

Published on Thursday, June 04, 2015
I am following banking exams from last 5 years but I never saw such enthusiasm that I am watching is SBI PO Preliminary exam. People are damn serious and joining ratio is going to be really high. Each mark is equally important.

I am assuming that you have already completed or about to complete your syllabus. If your answer is NO then read my 12 days study plan.

How to increase your score :-

1) Online screen reading sprints

How many of you have ever been landed in a Gym ?

Tell me how it feels when you lifted 20 kg in a bench press.

It was hard. 

But after a couple of weeks you found it easy so you increased the weights on the bar.

Same principle applies to Screen reading speed. How to need to push a little more. Read long paragraphs quickly, for at least 30 minutes in a go. Read variety of topics, let it be biology, social sciences, chemistry, history etc. Gradually you will find that you can quickly grasp the long paragraphs even when you gone through it quickly. 

In short the secret is "There is no Secret". You need to develop the skill.  

2) Learn tables and squares

It is expected that SBI PO Prelim will be an easy exam. The candidates who can solve 1 question per minute will crack the exam. So it is expected from you to make complex calculations quickly.

Learn tables upto 50. It might sound simple to you but it's not. What is 23*38 ? If you can't solve it within 10 seconds then you are wasting your time for this exam.

Read multiplication tricks here

I shared few maths tricks here 

3) Take some model tests

Download all 7 free model SBI PO Prelim papers. More papers are in the queue.

You can also take online test series here.

4) Follow Vocabulary series

I have already completed 45 parts of vocabulary preparation series. 

It is important!
I am giving 10-15 words everyday so that the readers don't find any difficulty in learning new words.

Download free Vocabulary list here

5) Learn few tricks for Reasoning

How many of you find difficulty in solving 20 reasoning questions within 25 minutes ?

It's difficult to solve every question with bookish techniques. There are some shortcuts available.

For example :-

To solve Syllogism use Venn diagrams
To solve inequalities use King and Soldiers technique (I will share this today)
Except puzzles, there are techniques to solve every question type.

Read Quantitative Aptitude techniques here.

In case you are facing any difficulty then comment below.

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