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SBI PO Preliminary Marks Booster

Published on Monday, June 15, 2015
Today I am going to share few important tips for SBI PO Preliminary exam. These tips will help you maximize your score. 

1) Revise Quantitative Aptitude formulae

That is the most important part. Difficulty level of every bank exam remain easy, these exams checks how quickly you can work while maintaining accuracy. Revise formulae and practice at least 5 questions of every chapter before you exam.

Avoid Quicker Maths by M.Tyra at this time. This book contains hundreds of shortcut formulae that doesn't work. 

A complicated formula ≠ Shortcut trick

Download full study material here

2) Take at least 5 full length mock tests

How many 1 hour full length mock tests you attempted ?

If your answer is anything below 10 then, download free model papers here or go to and take few free tests.

3) Learn few tricks

I know it's not right time to learn new tricks but during last few days I am sharing few interesting tricks. You can learn these tricks within 10 minutes. If you are not ready to learn anything new then skip this point. 
From above shortcut tricks, Inequalities and Syllogism is most important. These topics will fetch you at least 8-10 marks. It can make big difference! 

4) Learn basic grammar rules

Stop learning Vocabulary lists at this time. It's time to revise basic grammar rules. No need to buy any book.

Either follow my English grammar notes series or download free Grammar digest

5) Solve few random puzzles

Solve few sudoku puzzles. 

Learn to handle exam pressure. You can do achieve this by solving a series of puzzles. Android play store is full of puzzles app. As I rarely use my cellphone, I love to solve sudoku puzzles from newspapers. 

6) Learn tables upto 40

Generally I conduct and post success stories and interviews of successful bankers. One question that repeatedly ask from everyone is - Have you remembered the tables of table of 34 ?

Believe me or not, most the successful bankers in last few year know table of 34 !

Learn tables upto 40. This will save you at least 20 minutes in the exams, This is the most important tip.

7) Make a exam strategy

Dozens of readers asked in comment section that which section they should attempt first.

Recommended strategy - Give 20 minutes to each section. Attempt your strongest section first and weakest at last.

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