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General Awareness Quiz for 21 July 2015

Published on Tuesday, July 21, 2015
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. What is the Delhi Police Railway Helpline Number launched by Government of India ?

2. Alcides Edgardo Ghiggia died, he was former Football player of which country ?

3. Jules Bianchi of France died, he was famous Formula F1 Driver of which team ?

4. Who appointed as Interim Director of Film and Television Institute of India ?

5. Which is the Capital city of Gujarat ?

6. Who is the Chief Minister of Meghalaya ?

7. What is the Currency of Iceland ?

8. What is the full form of AM related with computer ?

9. Night blindness is cause by lack of which Vitamin ?

10. What is the chemical constituent of clay ?

11. Mercury is commonly used as a thermometric fluid rather than water, why ?

12. Which gas is also known as ‘Laughing Gas’ ?

13. Who is the Director General of Doordarshan ?

14. What is the mean depth of Indian Ocean ?

15. What is the full form of CLR related with Banking ?

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