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General Awareness Quiz - 22 August 2015

General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. Which District of Himachal Pradesh will get World’s highest CNG station ?

2. Who was the Prime Minister of Greece, recently resigned ?

3. Who is the President of Greece ?

4. Who is the author of the book titled as ‘Mrs. Funny Bones’ ?

5. Who appointed as Chief of Air India ?

6. The portal ‘Vidya Lakshmi’ launched by the Government of India for which purpose ?

7. Who awarded with James Tait Black Award 2015 ?

8. World Humanitarian Day observed on which date ?

9. When observed the Independence Day of Afghanistan ?

10. World Humanitarian Day 2015 observed under which theme ?

11. Which country became 1st to received funds from UNFCCC for Solar Home Systems ?

12. What is the full form of UNFCCC ?

13. Which is the smallest country in terms of area ?

14. Which two States involved in the controversy of Mullaperiyar Dam ?

15. The name of Mullaperiyar Dam is derived from ?

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