General Awareness Quiz for 24 August 2015

Published on Monday, August 24, 2015
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. Recently, which organization signed an agreement with Digital Television Russia ?

2. The video sharing portal ‘You Tube’ tied-up with which famous organization ?

3. Which Airport became 1st in India to run on solar power ?

4. Arthur Robert Morris died, who was he ?

5. Who appointed as Advisor to J&K Chief Minister ?

6. Who is the Chief Minister of J&K ?

7. N.R. Varhadpande died, who was he ?

8. Who wrote the famous book titled as ‘Aryan Invasion: A Myth’ ?

9. Free Laptop scheme launched by which State Government ?

10. Coalition Government was formed for the first time in India under whose leadership ?

11. Which famous personality also known as ‘Father of Indian Nuclear Programme’ ?

12. National Development Council was established in which year ?

13. Who wrote the novel titled as ‘In Custody’ ?

14. Who discovered Dynamite ?

15. Which is the Currency of Greece ?

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