General Awareness Quiz for 5 August 2015

Published on Wednesday, August 05, 2015
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. 18th Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) opened in which City and State of India ?

2. Name the oldest mutual fund house of India ?

3. Peace Treaty signed between which two organizations ?

4. Who won Squash title at Victorian Open WSA ?

5. Which Australian City also known as ‘Bush Capital’ ?

6. Which Indian team won Silver Medal in Copenhagen Archery Championship ?

7. The word ‘Aadi Perukku’ related with which Indian State ?

8. What is ‘Aadi Perukku’ ?

9. Name an Indian who won Bronze Medal at ART Gymnastics Asian Championship ?

10. Name the host city of Commonwealth Games 2014 ?

11. What is the Currency of Japan ?

12. Name the largest Gurudwara of India ?

13. How much area covered by Atacama Desert ?

14. What is the full form of MIDI ?

15. Who is the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand ?

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