General Awareness Quiz - 5 September 2015

Published on Saturday, September 05, 2015
General Awareness Quiz for today :-

1. Mount McKinley is an altitude of ?

2. Forward Markets Commission to be merged with which organization ?

3. SERVIR-Mekong Hub launched by which organization ?

4. Who is the Author of the book titled as ‘Globalisation, Democratization and Distributive Justice’ ?

5. Who awarded with National Humanities Medal 2014 ?

6. What is the original name of Jhumpa Lahiri ?

7. Dr.Wilfred de Souza, former CM of Goa, died, was became how many times the CM ?

8. For the purpose of students and faculty exchange, IIT Kharagpur signed an agreement with which University ?

9. The scheme ‘Nai Manzil’ launched by the Government of India mainly for the welfare of which community ?

10. Ministry of Urban Development released the list of 476 Swachh Bharat cities, name the top three cities ?

11. Name the tallest building in all over the World ?

12. Name the tallest building in India ?

13. Which is the Currency of Taiwan ?

14. What is the deadline to ratify the World Trade Organization’s trade facilitation agreement ?

15. For the support of National Urban Health Mission (NRHM), India signed an agreement with which organization ?

16. Google Inc. built the new logo design for __ time since started its operations ?

17. Which country selected for host XXII Commonwealth Games 2022 ?

18. Commonwealth Games 2018 will be played in which country ?

19. Name the 1st Railway zone to eliminate all Unmanned Level Crossings(ULCs) ?

20. Who is the Author of the book titled as ‘The Dules of the Himalayan Eagle: The 1st Indo-Pak Air War’ ?

21. Recently, which country emerged as 8th largest tourism market for Australia as announced by its Trade Minister Andrew Robb ?

22. Who appointed as Interim Chairman and Managing Director of National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC) ?

23. Which country awarded with UNESCO’s Award of Excellence 2015 for conserving Sree Vadakkunnathan Temple ?

24. RBI issued Rs.5 coin on which important occasion ?

24. Recently, Government of India has cancelled the licence of which non-profit, non-governmental organization ?

25. Which State government won Skoch Order of Merit National Award for implementing 6 initiatives regarding e-governance, IT ?

26. Which State government established Special MGNREGA Cell ?

27. India will be launch which Indonesian satellite ?

28. India signed an agreement with which country to increase bilateral trade by almost 60% in the next 5 years ?

29. Canada has fallen into recession for the first time after 2009 global financial crisis, Canada is __ biggest economy of the World ?

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