Current Affairs Quiz for 15 October 2015

Published on Thursday, October 15, 2015
Current Affairs Quiz for today :-
current affairs

1. To set up a facility to manufacture air conditioners in Gurgaon ‘Carrier’, Haryana signed an agreement with which organization ?

2. Lenovo to make smartphones in Chennai with Flextronics under which scheme ?

3. According to the report of Lonely Planet, Taj Mahal ranked at 5th positionas most attractive hot spot in the World, which place is placed at No.1 position ?

4. India has completed the demarcation of eco-sensitive zone (ESZ) around Okhla Bird Sanctuary in Delhi, Okhla Bird Sanctuary located at which place ?

5. India imposed Anti-dumping duty on Linen imports from which two countries ?

6. Presently Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of how many member states in Commonwealth of Nations, consists of about 53 member states ?

7. What is the real name of Queen Elizabeth II ?

8. Which State topped in organ donation in India ?

9. Who appointed as Ambassadors of Tiger Conservation Project and Save Tiger Campaign ?

10. There are how many Tiger reserves in Maharashtra as per Census 2014 (conducted every four years) ?

11. State Level Facilitation Cell launched by Odisha for which purpose ?

12. Hero Cycles (World’s largest bicycle manufacture company, also India’s first) acquired which organization ?

13. India’s Joint Task Force on Fake Currency Notes (JTFFCN) with Bangladesh held at which place ?

14. Who is President of Prime Minister of Bangladesh ?

15. Who are Chief Election Commissioner, Chief Vigilance Commissioner, Chief Information Commissioner of India ?

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