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Published on Saturday, October 31, 2015
computer awareness
Q1. Translator program used in Assembly Language is called:
a) Compiler
b) Interpreter 
c) Translation 
d) Translator 
e) Assembler

Q2. Which of the following is the high speed memory which compensates the gap in speeds of processor and main memory?
a) Cache
e) None of The Above

Q3. Which of the following parts of CPU coordinates the activities of all other components of computer?
a) Motherboard 
b) Coordination Board 
c) Control Unit
d) Arithmetic Logic Unit
e) Memory 

Q4. Which among the following is fastest memory:
a) Hard Disk
c) Cache Memory
d) Static Memory 
e) None of The Above 

Q5. What type of device is a digital camera?
a) Input
b) Output
c) Software
d) Storage
e) Input/Output 

Q6. What is mailing list?
a) Collection of e-mail address
b) Collection of Files
c) Collection of Folders
d) Collection of Dates
e) Collection of Events

Q7. Any hardware connected to tower is called:
a) CPU
b) Software
c) Peripheral
d) Storage
e) None of The Above

Q8. Which of the following devices is used in the first generation computer?
a) Integrated Circuit
b) Processor 
c) Microprocessor 
d) Vacuum Tube
e) None of The Above 

Q9. Which part of hardware compensates the difference between the speeds of CPU and peripheral?
a) Scanner
b) Printer
c) Video Card 
d) Motherboard
e) Interface

Q10. Which of the following computers has been devised to perform specified work as directed?
a) Mainframe Computer 
b) Special Purpose Computer
c) Portable Computer
d) Super Computer
e) None of The Above 

Q11. Which of the following can be considered as portable computer?
a) Mini Computer 
b) Mainframe Computer
c) Desktop 
d) Workstation 
e) PDA

Q12. Which of the following statements is correct about RAM?
a) It retains data when PC is turned off
b) It is a type of read and write memory
c) It contains start up instructions 
d) It is a peripheral
e) It means Read Access Memory  

Q13. Of the 5 worlds listed below, which one is the odd one out?
a) Applications
b) Peripherals
c) Programs
d) Software
e) Operating System

Peripheral is a Hardware so it is different from all.
Q14. The advantage of a LAN is:
a) Sharing Peripherals
b) Backing up your data
c) Saving all your data
d) Accessing the web
e)  Automatic printing of data 

Q15. What type of device is a computer printer?
a) Input
b) Input/Output 
c) Software
d) Storage
e) Input/Output

Q16. A computer professional who writes and tests software is called ______:
a) hardware consultant
b) librarian
c) programmer
d) computer operator
e) Data entry operator 

Q17. The ability to exchange information through the use of computer equipment and software is:
a) Data entry
b) The Internet
c) Data Retrieval
d) Electronic Communication
e) None of The Above 

Q18. Computer user who are not computer professional are sometimes called:
a) Peripheral user
b) Programmers
c) Librarians
d) Information Officers
e) End - Users

Q19. MS - Excel is used for:
a) Letter Writing
b) Spread Sheet Calculation
c) Presentation
d) Painting
e) None of The Above

Q20. Which of the following commercial software products are examples of operating system software and application software respectively?
a) Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Word
b) Microsoft Office XP and Microsoft Window XP
c) MS DOS and Microsoft Office XP
e) UNIX and JAVA

Q21. What are lists of programs waiting to be run called?
a) Shells
b) The Background
c) Queues
d) Page Frames
e) Lists 

Q22. WAN stands for:
a) Wired Area Network
b) Wide Area Network
c) Wide Array Net
d) Wireless Area Network
e) Wanted Area Network 

Q23. Which of the following domains is used by/for profit businesses?
a) .com
b) .edu
c) .mil
d) .net
e) .org

Q24. The computer to which a user's computer connects in order to access the internet is called:
a) notebook
b) PDA
c) supercomputer
d) server
e) laptop 

Q25. "Esc" key is located:
a) at the top left of keyboard
b) at the top right of keyboard
c) at the middle of Alpha Numeric Keys
d) at the Right of Toggle Key
e) at the below of shift key

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