8 Weeks Study Plan for IBPS Clerk V

Published on Monday, November 02, 2015
Hi Readers,

Most of you might have applied for IBPS Clerk 2015. It's right to start your preparations. Today I am going to provide a detailed Study Plan for IBPS Clerk Preliminary as well as Mains exam.
IBPS Clerk

This plan will be useful for all the banking exams. I clubbed all my strategies as well as notes. I have already shared IBPS Clerk V Syllabus here.

Start with English language

Day 1-3: Grammar Days

First and most important step - Read English Grammar notes (If you have a good grammar book, then read it)

Day 4-10: Speed Reading Week

During this week you just need to read a lot. Forget about everything else and read variety of topics. Read whatever you like. My favorite topics are Romantic fiction and Business & investments. Read books by Indian as well foreign authors. Read newspapers and magazines online.

Read at least 3 books in this week. As these books aren't part of your syllabus, you can easily read 2-3 books in a week. 

After this week, long reading comprehensions won't be a boring thing for you. You'll take few minutes to read them.

Read How to increase Reading Speed

Day 11-17: Vocabulary Week

Vocabulary is like a lethal weapon to crack English language section of any exam. 

In this week you need to read 1000 words. Here is the list.

Download the above list and read at least 100 words a day. 

Always install a Dictionary application on your mobile. There are few Apps that works without internet, like Merriam Webster dictionary app. As I don't have internet on my mobile, I frequently use this app. There are many English to Hindi dictionaries available, install all of them and choose the best one that suits your needs.

Quantitative Aptitude

Day 1-3

Learn squares up to 40
Learn tables up to 40
Learn multiplication, squaring tricks

Day 4-8 : Data Interpretation

At this point I am expecting that you have learnt all the tables and calculations tricks.

Without wasting time, go to the DI guide :-

Download DI workbook

Day 9-18

As I have already made a detailed guide for this section, I feel it's useless to repeat everything here.

I made a preparation DVD for QT and Reasoning. Get DVD here.

After reading concepts and tricks for each chapter, I recommend you to solve at least 40 questions from every chapter. I strongly recommend you to AVOID R.S. Aggarwal and M. Tyra books, because difficulty level of these books isn't at par with recent exams. 


Day 1-7 : Puzzles Week

This I will upload a puzzles ebook, download it and solve it. Find any puzzles book (Yes there are many such books available at online stores)

After solving one puzzle book , you will feel drastic improvement in your scores as well as timings.

==>> Download Puzzles problems in PDF

Day 8-9 : Syllogism

Syllogism is an easy topic.There are two methods to solve these questions. I always prefer venn diagrams method. I have already shared this Quick Technique here.

You can solve at least 100 questions in these two days.

Day 10-11 : Inequalities

You can solve 5 inequalities questions within 2 minutes. Yes! it is possible if you know the right techniques. I have already shared King and Soldier technique here.

Day 12 : Series

Most of the students stuck in series. It is an easy topic, you need to find a trend. Forget about AP, GP etc. You need to find complicated trends like - Number are first multiplied by 3 and squared, After finding square-root numbers are divided by 2.

It sounds easy but sometimes it's difficult to find such trends but here practice makes a man perfect. Solve as many questions as possible.

==>> Read Number Series rules

Day 13-15 : Seating arrangement

Major types of Seating arrangement questions
Circular seating arrangement is most popular exam topic. Practice at least 50 sets.

Day 16-18 : Misc

Other important topics are : 

Day 1-14 : Mock tests week

I will provide Mock tests for IBPS Clerk at the end of October.

Post your queries in the comments section.

6 Characteristics of Repeat Failures in Banking Exams

  1. 90% of the students and friends who are failing in competitive exams are weak in English.
  2. They got bored of reading same books and revising same syllabus
  3. They always complain about reservation policy and high application fee
  4. They don't devote time studies because they are over-confident
  5. According to them reason behind their failure is ever rising cutoffs
  6. They think that they are weak in only one section while they aren't able to reach total cutoff

I hope by now you understand the message I wanted to convey. I recommend you to follow the below plan. You will feel drastic improvement in your scores as well as your hold on various subjects.  

Updated on - 2 November 2015

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