IBPS Clerk V Prelims Exam Syllabus

Published on Tuesday, November 03, 2015
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There will be Two Stage Written Exams - Pre and mains. Those candidates clearing the Pre exam will then be called for the Mains test to be held later.

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Candidates clearing the mains test will be called for interviews. Marks of Pre exam will not be considered for interview shortlisting/ Merit making as noticed

(Note:- The marks obtained in the Preliminary examination will not be considered for preparing the final merit list and the marks obtained in the Main
Examination will only be considered for short listing for interview)

Examination Pattern

Objective Type Exam pattern

Test name
1. Reasoning Ability Paper

2. Quantitative Aptitude Paper

3. English Language Paper

1 hour


Here is a subject wise list of the Prelims syllabus. The list is classified in order of priority- important chapter first. It will help you to know which is a scoring chapter or a tricky topic or a time consuming one.

Quantitative Aptitude Paper

Chapters Weightage of questions Comments
Simplification 2-5 Questions on BODMAS rule, Fractions, Approximate Value etc,
Measurement 1-3 Problems on plane figures such as Square, Rectangle, Circles etc.
Interest 1-2 Problems on Simple, Compound Interests and Installments
Data Interpretation 5-10 Problems on Bar/ Line Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables and Caselets etc.
Quadratic Equations 0-5 Comparing values of x and y when two equations given
Percentage 1-2 Calculations oriented Basic Percentage Problems
Problems on ages 0-1 Basic problems on Ages
Averages 0-1 Problems on Average Weight/ Height /Marks etc.
Number Series 0-5 Moderate to difficult problems on Completing the series, Finding Missing/ Wrong Term
Linear Equations 1-2 Problems on Simple Compound Ratios and Direct/ Indirect Proportions
Profit and Loss 1-3 Problems on Basic Profit/ Loss, Dishonest/ Successive dealings, Partnership etc.
Probability 0-1 Very basic problems on Probability
Time and Work 1-3 Problems on Work efficiency Wages and Pipes etc.
Mixture problems 0-1 To Make A Mixture From Two or More Entities/ Mixtures
Fractions 0-1 Slightly tough problems on Mixed Fractions
Data Sufficiency 2-5 Data sufficiency problems on almost all the topics mentioned above
Permutation and Combination 0-1 Basic Selection and Arrangement problems
Numbers 0-1 Questions on Divisibility, Remainder, LCM, HCF, Factors etc.

Reasoning Ability Paper

Chapters Weightage of questions Comments
Arrangement of Pattern 0-3 Questions on Dictionary based and Number/ Letters/ Symbols Arrangements
Classification/ Analogy 0-2 Questions on Letter/ Meaningful Words and Number based
Coding-Decoding 3-5 Questions on Letter Shifting, Fictitious Language, Analogy and Coding, Letters of word
Direction and Distance 1-2 Simple problems that can be solved by just correctly drawing every information on paper
Ordering and ranking 1-2 Basic Ordering and Ranking problems consuming very less time
Syllogism 2-5 Just quickly draw Venn-diagrams as per statements and get answer
Mathematical Inequalities 2-5 Can replace Coded Inequalities questions as they are considered slightly tougher than these
Blood relations 2-5 Problems on General and Family tree based. Coded Blood Relations is an important topic
Series 0-5 Questions on Letters/ Number/ Mixed series
Coded Inequalities 0-5 It can still be a part of one or two papers
Analytical decision making 0-5 This topic may or may not be a part of Prelims Exam
Seating arrangement 3-10 Problems on Linear/ Circular Arrangements with may be one more layer of information to make questions tough
Grouping and selections 0-5 It may be there in 1 or 2 papers to increase the difficulty level of the paper (Problems such as making groups of people based on given
Double line-up 0-5 It may be there in 1 or 2 papers to balance the difficulty level of the paper
Scheduling 0-5 Very thin chances of this topic appearing in any paper, however do solve 8-10 problems to the topic to be prepared for surprises
Data sufficiency 2-5 Data sufficiency questions on various topics mentioned above

English Language

Chapters Nature of questions Weightage of questions Comments
Reading Comprehension - Usually Easy
- Highly Scoring
- High Accuracy not much prior knowledge required
- Time consuming and/ or tricky depending on the Nature of Passage and Questions.
10-20 (1 or 2 passages with questions nearly evenly divided) The passage is usually about banking/ finance or about a social issue. The questions based on these are straightforward synonyms/ antonyms
in context, main idea based or fact/ inference based.
Vocabulary - Usually easy because context given
- Scoring
- Accuracy- medium
10-15 These include

-Cloze Tests (10-15 blanks in 1 passage)

-Fill in the blanks (With word list, single blank in single sentence)(0-5)

-Synonyms (choose pair of synonyms to given word from list)(0-5)
Grammar - Tougher
- Can be time consuming
- Accuracy and time taken per question usually correlated
5-15 There include-

-Error Spotting (0-10)

-Phrase Replacement (0-5)

Fill in the Blanks (0-5)
Verbal Ability - Tricky
- Time Consuming
- Low Accuracy
5-10 These include –Para jumbles(of six sentences for rearrangement) (1 Passage with 5 questions) –Para Completion (0-5)

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