Current Affairs Quiz - 31 December 2015

Current Affairs Quiz
1. Who became the youngest ever goal-scorer of India ?

2. Recently, which African country declared as Ebola Free ?

3. 18th India-Iran Joint Commission meeting held at which place ?

4. Recently, Gaofen-4, the Earth observation satellite, successfully launched by which country ?

5. General Om Prakash Malhotra, recently, died, was the former Governor of which Indian State ?

6. Who is the President of Indonesia ?

7. Which is the Capital and Currency of Indonesia ?

8. Haskell Wexler, famous Cinematographer of USA, recently died, was awarded with Oscar Award in which year ?

9. Which State/team won Vijay Hazare Trophy of Cricket ?

10. Who is the Chief Minister of Gujarat ?

11. Who awarded with Jnanpith Award 2015 ?

12. Vijay Hazare Trophy also known as ?

13. Pin Valley National Park is situated in State of India ?

14. Where is the Headquarter of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) ?

15. 2nd All Light India International Film Festival (ALIIFF) will be held at which place ?

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