Current Affairs Quiz for 16 January 2016

Published on Saturday, January 16, 2016
Q1. Marat Safin belonged to which sport game for which he has been inducted in the International Hall of Fame:
a) Baseball 
b) Football 
c) Volleyball 
d) Tennis 
e) None of The Above

Q2. ____ is poised to become the self - governing island's first female president:
a) Lasey Ing wen
b) Tasi Ing wen
c) Chaisen Ing wen
d) Marvo Ing wen
e) None of The Above

Q3. Who have won the 2016 WTA Apia International title in the women's doubles category:
a)  Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis 
b) Martina Hingis and Flavia Penetta  
c) Abigail Spears and Martina Hingis 
d) Chan Hao Ching and Abigail Spears
e) None of The Above 

Q4. The ______would be the anchor investor in the new Railway Development Fund for India:
a) BIS
b) WTO
c) World Bank
d) IMF
e) None of The Above

Q5. Indian - American professor Dr. _____ and 16 other scientists, engineers, mathematicians and innovators will receive the National Medals of Science and Technology and Innovation from President Barack Obama next Friday
a) Smridham K. Jain
b) Rakesh K. Jain
c) Hargobind Jain
d) Anil Jain
e) None of The Above

Q6. Which among the following is capital of Angola:
a) Tirana 
b) Rabat
c) Luanda
d) Bridgetown 
e) None of The Above 

Q7. "Pyongyang" is the capital of:
a) Zambia
b) North Korea
c) Rwanda
d) South Korea
e) None of The Above 

Q8. "Shilling" is the currency of which among the following country?
a)  Zambia 
b) Niger
c) Morocco 
d) Kenya 
e) None of The Above

Q9. Who is the  brand ambassador for Premier Badminton League 2016?
a) Ajay Devgan 
b) Akshay Kumar
c) Salman Khan
d) Amitabh Bachchan
e) None of The Above 

Q10. Who is the current Prime Minister of Japan?
a) Yasuo Fukuda 
b) Taro Aso 
c) Naoto Kan 
d) Shinzo Abe 
e) None of The Above 


1. Tennis 
2. Tasi Ing wen
3. Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis 
4. World Bank
5. Rakesh K. Jain
6. Luanda 
7. North Korea
8. Kenya 
9. Akshay Kumar
10. Shinzo Abe  

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