Current Affairs Quiz for 13 February 2016

current affairs
1. Pakistan launched ___________  projects for Afghanistan.
    (a) $800 million
    (b) $500 million
    (c) $200 million
    (d) $700 million
    (e) None of these

2. Electronics Development Fund (EDF) to be launched in ________________.
    (a) African Agriculture Fund
    (b) ECP Africa Fund II
    (c) ECP Africa Fund IV
    (d) Financial Capital Fund
    (e) None of these

3. The central bank had aimed to increased of provision by _________ every quarter.
     (a) 5.5 per cent
     (b) 3.6 per cent
     (c) 2.5 per cent
     (d) 7.8 per cent
     (e) None of these

4. What is the full form of WGC ?
     (a) World Gold Council
     (b) World Gaming Center 
     (c) World Golf Championship 
     (d) Writers Guild of Canada 
     (e) None of these

5. India’s demand for gold to increased by ____________  in 2015 as reported by WGC.
    (a) 6.5%
    (b) 4.4%
    (c) 2.5%
    (d) 9.7%
    (e) None of these

6. Who won as Hilton Asian Tour Golfer of  the Year ?
    (a) Yikeun CHANG
    (b) Shaun NORRIS
    (c) Soomon Lee
    (d) Anirban Lahiri
    (e) None of these

7. Recently,Who has been appointed as secretary in department of industrial policy and promotion ?
    (a) Ramesh Abhishek
    (b) S.K. Bahri
    (c) Ravneet Kaur
    (d) Kalpana Awasthi
    (e) None of these

8. Kedaara-partners JV to buy the Au housing finance for Rs ___________.
    (a) 150 Crore
    (b) 375 Crore
    (c) 950 Crore
    (d) 560 Crore
    (e) None of these

9. What is the name of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer who passed away recently ?
     (a) John Coolidge Adams
     (b) Leon Kirchner
     (c) Henry Dreyfuss Brant
     (d) Leslie Bassett
     (e) None of these

10. The Book titled __________ launched by Amar Chitra Katha.
      (a) A Kingdom For His Love
      (b) The Sons of Rama
      (c) The Jackal & the War Drum
      (d) The Brahmin & the Goat
      (e) None of these


1. $500 million
2. Financial Capital Fund
3. 2.5 per cent
4. World Gold Council
5. 2.5%
6. Anirban Lahiri
7. Ramesh Abhishek
8. 950 Crore
9. Leslie Bassett
10. A Kingdom For His Love

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