Current Affairs Quiz for 2 February, 2016

Published on Tuesday, February 02, 2016
current affairs
Q1. Recently, Muktesh Kumar Pardeshi has been appointed as India's envoy to which among the following countries?
a) Zimbabwe
b) Vatican City

c) Mexico
d) Norway
e) None of The Above

Q2. Which country will host the 2021 World Aquatics Championships?
a) Japan
b) China
c) Germany 
d) United States of America 
e) None of The Above

Q3. Who has been appointed as the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (CCPD) for a period of 3 years, recently?
a) Manoj Kumar Pandey 
b) Kamlesh Kumar Pandey 
c) Anuj Kumar Pandey 
d) Vikram Kumar Pandey
e) None of The Above

Q4. Recently, Who has been taken over as Managing Director and CEO of Corporation Bank?
a) Sunil Mehta 
b) Jai Kumar Garg 
c) Adish Kumar Jain 
d) Manish Gupta 
e) None of The Above

Q5. Recently, The Government today banned duty - free import of capital goods for power generation and transmission projects under the EPCG Scheme. EPCG stands for:
a) Export Promotion of Consumable Goods
b) Export Promotion Capital Goods
c) Extra Promotion of Capital Goods
d) Extreme Promotion of Capital Goods
e) None of The Above 

Q6. Who won the Men's Singles title of the Syed Modi International Grand Prix Gold Badminton Championships recently?
a) Taufik Hidayat
b) K. Srikanth
c) Xue Song
d) Kashyap Parupalli
e) None of The Above 

Q7. Who won the 83rd Senior National Snooker Championship?
a) Aditya Mehta
b) Ajay Soorie
c) Manan Chandra
d) Krishna Bhagat
e) None of The Above

Q8. Recently, The ____th Surajkund International Crafts Mela is begins at Faridabad in Haryana:
a) 34th
b) 30th
c) 40th
d) 29th
e) None of The Above 

Q9. Which among the following is the capital of Uruguay?
a) Caracas
b) Harare
c) Dodoma
d) Montevideo
e) None of The Above

Q10. Currency of Uruguay is?
a) Rufiya
b) Rupee
c) Dollar
d) Peso
e) None of The Above


1. Mexico 
2. Japan
3. Kamlesh Kumar Pandey 
4. Jai Kumar Garg 
5. Export Promotion Capital Goods 
6. K. Srikanth
7. Aditya Mehta 
8. 30th 
9. Montevideo 
10. Peso

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