Current Affairs Quiz for 22 February 2016

Published on Monday, February 22, 2016
current affairs
1. What is the name of Italian Novelist who passed away recently ?
    (a) Vittorio Alfieri
    (b) Marco Barbaro
    (c) Carlo Collodi
    (d) Umberto Eco
    (e) None of these
2. The Indoor Asian Athletic championships started in _____________.
     (a) America
     (b) Doha
     (c) Russia
     (d) Japan
     (e) None of these

3. Who has been appointed as the new High Commissioner to Republic of Botswana ?
     (a) Dr Alexander Evans
     (b) Greg Wilcock
     (c) Margaret Aileen Twomey
     (d) Dr.Ketan Shukla
     (e) None of these

 4. ___________ accredited as  its Managing Director of NCRTC.
    (a) Mrs. Sudeshna Sen
    (b) Shri Bahadur Singh
    (c) Vinay Kumar Singh
    (d) Shri Mukesh Kumar
    (e) None of these

5. PIB clears India Post’s of _____________ to proposal for payments bank.
    (a) Rs. 800 Crore
    (b) Rs. 100 Crore
    (c) Rs. 5 Lakh
    (d) Rs. 250 Crore
    (e) None of these

 6. What is the full form of PIB ?
     (a) Press Institute of Bangladesh
     (b) Public Investment Board
     (c) Policy Information Base
     (d) Processor In a Box
     (e) None of these

 7. Who has launched the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission ?
    (a) Alok Kumar Verma
    (b) PM Narendra Modi
    (c) Anand Tewari
    (d) B.D.Sharma
    (e) None of these

8. Recently, Who has been appointed as India’s Ambassador to republic of the Marshall Islands ?
    (a) Sujan R. Chinoy
    (b) Kewal Singh
    (c) V. K. Ahuja
    (d) K. S. Shelvankar
    (e) None of these

9. _____________ New Zealand skipper sets a new record with his 54 Ball Ton.
    (a) Boutros Ghali
    (b) Humaira Bachal
    (c) Brendon McCullum
    (d) Aubrey Smith
    (e) None of these

10. What is the full form of CSCs ?
      (a) Civil Service Commission
      (b) Computer Sciences Corporation
      (c) Common Services Centers
      (d) Client Side Caching
      (e) None of these


1. Umberto Eco
2. Doha
3. Dr.Ketan Shukla
4. Vinay Kumar Singh
5. Rs. 800 Crore
6. Public Investment Board 
7. PM Narendra Modi
8. Sujan R. Chinoy
9. Brendon McCullum
10. Common Services Centers
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