Current Affairs Quiz for 30 March 2016

Published on Wednesday, March 30, 2016
1. What is the Full form of ADB ?
    (a) Android Debug Bridge
    (b) Application Development Board
    (c) African Development Bank
    (d) Asian Development Bank
    (e) None of these

 2. Who has been appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of Nestle India Board ?
    (a) Daniel Borel
    (b) Eva Cheng
    (c) Dr. Rakesh Mohan
    (d) Naïna Lal Kidwai
    (e) None of these

 3. The First Solo woman to ride across the Mana Pass in ___________.
    (a)  Uttarakhand
    (b) West Bengal
    (c) Gujarat
    (d) Uttar Pradesh
    (e) None of these

4. _____________ Becomes 1st Solo Woman To Ride Across Mana Pass.
    (a) Nandita Bakshi
    (b) Pallavi Fauzdar
    (c) Pradip Shah
    (d) Pratyush Prasanna
    (e) None of these

5. What is the name of renowned author who passed away recently ?
    (a) Yogeshwar Dutt
    (b) VD Rajappan
    (c) Vivek Dhariwal
    (d) Jim Harrison
    (e) None of these

 6. Yesterday ___________ gets its first stock public listing.
    (a) Visakhapatnam
    (b) Sri Lanka
    (c) Myanmar
    (d) China
    (e) None of these

7. US museum returns 10th century Rama statue to  ____________.
    (a) America
    (b) Canada
    (c) Russia
    (d) Cambodia
    (e) None of these

8. Government to launch Gram Uday to Bharat Uday Abhiyan from ___________.
    (a) 14th to 24th April, 2016
    (b) 5th to 16th July, 2016
    (c) 10th to 27th August, 2016
    (d) 3th to 14th May, 2016
    (e) None of these

9. Govt plans to infuse __________ in PSU banks.
    (a) Rs. 1000 crore
    (b) Rs. 5,050 crore
    (c) Rs. 3400 crore
    (d) Rs. 6400 crore
    (e) None of these

10. Narendra Modi to inaugurat the 'Stand Up India' scheme on _________.
      (a) 11th June
      (b) 25th April
      (c) 7th May
      (d) 5th April
      (e) None of these


1. Asian Development Bank
2. Dr. Rakesh Mohan
3. Uttarakhand
4. Pallavi Fauzdar
5. Jim Harrison
6. Myanmar
7. Cambodia
8. 14th to 24th April, 2016
9. Rs. 5,050 crore
10. 5th April

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