Current Affair Quiz 8th April 2016

1. World Health Day is observed _______ ?
a) 12th March 2016
b) 5th May 2016
c) 7th April 2016
d) 3th April 2016

2. Who has been named the most powerful businesswoman in Asia by Forbes ?
a) Nita Ambani
b) Bimla Ambani
c) Kamla Advani
d) Neeru Gupta

3. Who is the new PM of Iceland ?
a) Narender modi
b) SigurdurIngi Johannsson
c) Morarji Desai
d) Manmohan singh

4. North East-ASEAN Business Summit begins in _______?
a) Imphal
b) Leanomic
c) Athlio
d) Zapris

5. Which country won men's Asian Nations Cup Chess tournament 2016 ?
a) Afganistan
b) Denmark
c) India
d) China

6. What's the name of Union Health Ministry’s universal vaccination programme ?
a) Indradhanush
b) Shishu Surakhsha
c) Jan Jeewan Jyoti
d) Shishu Vatika 

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