Current Affairs Quiz - 9 April 2016

current affairs
1) Best country as per Credit Suisse’s “Emerging Consumers scorecard 2016” ?
(a) India
(b) China

(c) Denmark
(d) Afghanistan

2) NE-ASEAN Business Summit commenced in ______
(a) Imphal
(b) Delhi
(c) Mumbai
(d) Kolkata

3) Which Indian state becomes the first state in India to clear land title Bill ?
(a) Gujrat
(b) lucknow
(c) bihar
(d) Rajasthan

4) World Health Day is observed on
(a) 10 May
(b) 7 April
(c) 12 June
(d) 8 March

5) Headquarters of WHO situated at ______
(a) Geneva
(b) Brisbane
(c)Washington, D.C.
(d) Paris

6) Federal Bank has signed pact with an Investment Company, name that company :-
(a) Samsung
(b) Acer
(c) Phillip Capital
(d) Canon

7) Name of recently appointed Prime Minister of Vietnam
(a) Nguyen Xuan Phuc
(b) Gulzarilal Nanda
(c) Rajiv Gandhi
(d) Morarji Desai

8) Who is appinted as CEO of GoJavas
(a) Warrren Buffet
(b) Amitabh Coomar
(c) Shantanu Narayen
(d) Doug Parker

9) Which company signed sponsorship agreement with Gujarat Lions for IPL Season 9
(a) Adchem  Industries Ltd.
(b) Advanced paint Pvt Ltd.
(c) Akzo Nobel India Ltd.
(d) Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

10) Recently Emraan Hashmi’s launched a book, what's the name of book :-
(a) The Kiss of Life How a Superhero and my son defeated cancer
(b) Monk and his Ferrari
(c) Three monks
(d) Kiss of yellow shoe girl

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