Current Affairs Quiz : 3 May 2016

current affairs
1. Name the languages that have been stated as classical languages of India
(a) Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam & Odia 
(b) Telugu, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri
(c) Rajasthani, Magadh
(d) Kamuni, Banjari, Malayalam

2. Indian-American journalist that received "Edgar A Poe award"
(a) Fareed Zakaria
(b) Raj Chandra Bose
(c) Anil Narode
(d) Neela Banerjee

  3. _______won 2016 Russian Grand Pri
(a) Lewis Hamilton
(b) Nico Rosberg
(c) Valtteri Bottas
(d) Kimi Rakkonen

  4. Name the Indian cricketer who is signed as Brand Ambassador for Hublot watches
(a) Virat kohali
(b) Harbhajan Singh
(c) Rohit Sharma
(d) Dhoni

5. Kaleshwaram irrigation project launched in ______
(a) Telangana
(b) Alatona
(c) Kokee Ditch
(d) Espada Acequia

6. India and _______ ink deal for direct flights
(a) Australia
(b) Ingland
(c) Bangladesh
(d) New Zealand

7. World Press Freedom Day is observed on 
(a) 2nd June
(b) 8th April
(c) 3rd May
(d) 10 May

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