Current Affair Quiz : 16 June 2016

Published on Thursday, June 16, 2016
1.  45 days fishing Howe many days fishing ban in Tamil Nadu begins ?
(a) 45-days
(b) 38-days
(c) 48-days
(d) 29- days

2. Who has launched mobile application for helping  senior citizens in distress ?
 (a) Kiran Bedi
(b) Smriti Irani
(c) Monkia Bansal
(d) Sumati Bahan

3.   Which country has been elected to chair UN committee ?
(a) Australia
(b) Benin
(c) Isreal
(d) China

4. Which bank issued first US credit card for use in Cuba ?
(a) Canara Bank
(b) Allahabad Bank
(c) Florida bank
(d) Central Bank

5. Who received highest civilian award of Ivory Coast ?
(a) Rajendra prasad
(b) President Pranab Mukherjee
(c) Zakir Husain
(d) Shankar Dayal Sharma

6.  Who become the first Indian keeper to complete 350 ODI dismissals  ?
(a) Dhoni
(b) Virat
(c) Yuvraj
(d) Sachin

7. World Population Day is Observed on ?
(a) 15 June
(b) 29 March
(c) 12 May
(d) 11 July

8. What is the Currency of  Hungary ?
(a) Euro
(b) Zloty
(c) Forint
(d) Lek

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