Current Affairs Quiz : 11 June 2016

1. Who launched India’s first certified green bond at London Stock Exchang
a. Axis Bank
b. Indusind Bank
c. HDFC Bank
d. Oriental Bank of Commerce

2. Central government announced advertisement policy for which media type
a. Online media
b. Print media
c. Electronic media
d. Social media

3. Which Indian banked singed agreement with Spain’s Caixa Bank to fund Indo-Spanish joint ventures
a. State Bank of patiala
b. Punjab National Bank
c. United Bank
d. State Bank of India

4. Who is the Railway cabinet minister of India
a. Suresh Prabhu
b. Vikas Chetal
c. Arun Bansal
d. Chetan Sharma

5. Name of four new elements in periodic table
a. Nihonium , Moscovium , Tennessine  and Oganesson
b. Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium, Beryllium
c. Carbon, Oxygen, Fluorine, Sodium
d. Silicon, Sulfur, Argon, Calcium

6. Who won Dublin International literary award
a. Vicky Verma
b. Akhil Sharma
c. Suraj Deewan
d. Vinay Gupta

7. Who won Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) award for rooftop solar power projects
a. Tata Solar Power
b. Reliance Solar Power
c. Biotech
d. Kirloskar

8. ‘Internet Saathi’ initiative launched in West Bengal by ______
a. Google and BSNL
b. Google and Reliance
c. Google and Tata’s
d. Google and Airtel

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