Current Affairs Quiz : 11 July 2016

1. Who has sworn been in as the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh ?
(a) C. D. Deshmukh
(b) Tathagata Roy
(c) H. V. R. Iyengar
(d) B. N. Adarkar

2.Who won the 2016 Wimbledon title in men’s singles ?
(a) M. Raonic
(b) R. Federer
(c) L. Pouille
(d) Andy Murray

3. Who won the 2016 Wimbledon title in Women’s singles ?
(a) Serena Williams
(b) T. Berdych
(c) M. Raonic
(d) L. Pouille

4. Who won British Grand Prix of F1 2016 ?
(a) Max Verstappen
(b) Nico Rosberg
(c) Lewis Hamilton
(d) Daniel Ricciardo

5. What is the Full form of DRDO ?
(a) Department of  Research and Development Organisation
(b) Defence Research and Development Organisation
(c) Defence Restoration and Development Organisation
(d) Dairy Research and Development Organisation

6. Who won Gourmand World Cookbook Award ?
(a)  Nimi Sunilkumar
(b) Sunita Kumari
(c) Vidya Devi
(d) Anshita Arora

7. International Youth Day Is Observed on _____ ?
(a) 12 August
(b) 15 June
(c) 20 July
(d) 26 May

8. What is the Currency of Swaziland ?
(a) Leone
(b) Nakfa
(c) Loti
(d) Lilangeni

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