Current Affairs Quiz : 30 July 2016

Published on Saturday, July 30, 2016
current affairs
1. Who is the Chairman of Railway Board ?
(a) R.K Mittal
(b) B.K Kashyap
(c) N.K. Sohal
(d)A K Mittal

2. International Tiger Day is being observed on  ?
(a) 23 June
(b) 29 July
(c) 26 March
(d) 10 August

3.Who is the first woman ever been nominated for President elections by a major US political party ?
(a) Hillary Clinton
(b) Jill Stein
(c) Shirley Chrilholm
(d) Carol Braun

4. 3rd India Education fair begins in ______?
(a) Chennai
(b) Dhaka
(c) New Delhi
(d) Colombo

5. What is the Currency of Croatia ?
(a) Lev
(b) Zloty
(c) Euro
(d) Kuna

6. European Commission appoints has appointed ___________as its Chief Negotiator for the United Kingdom’s exit from the bloc.
(a) Tasneem Khan
(b) Jim Carter
(c) Stephan Morkel
(d) Michel Barnier

7. Who won Bharatiya Jnanpith’s 11th Navlekhan award for the year 2015
(a) Amlendu Tiwari, Balram Kawant, Om Naagar and Tasneem Khan
(b) Amar sandhu, vijay Kumar, Nitish Chhopra, Vinay  Sohal
(c) Amlendu Tiwari, Balram Kawant, Om Naagar  and Vijay Kumar
(d) Amar sandhu, vijay Kumar, Nitish Chhopra and Amit Chuahan

8. Environmental Performance Index is published by
(a) IBRD
(b) WEF
(c) World Bank

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