Current Affairs Quiz 8 September 2016

1. Which wrestling has been nominated for Padma Bhushan
a. Ashok Kumar
b. Sushil Kumar
c. Varun Mehra
d. Sunny Malhotra

2. Which Indian film won best film award at BRICS Film Festival
a. Thithi
b. Phoenix
c. Between Valleys
d. Skiptrace

3. Who will be honored with J C Daniel Award
a. K P Samuels
b. John Keynes
c. Paul Adams
d. K G George 

4. Summer Paralympic Games 2016 has begun at
a. Paris
b. Rio de Janeiro
c. London
d. New York

5. India has received certificates from World Health Organisation (WHO) for recognising the elimination of _____________
a. Yaws ,Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) 
b. Malaria
c. Dengue
d. Polio

6. World Ozone Day is observed on
a. September 10
b. September 15
c. September 16
d. September 21

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